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Issued from 2015.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Anatoliy Pronin[Россия]The Influence of Legal Reference Systems on the Content of Courts Decisions in Russia2015, March892
2Victor Ya. Tsvetkov[Россия]Intelligent Control Technology2015, June850
3Anastasia Levitskaya[Россия]Defining the Levels of the Audience's Media Competence and Critical Thinking in Sociological Surveys2015, March781
4Sribas Goswami[Индия]Slums and Social Development: A Search for Alternative Paradigms2015, March779
5Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov[Россия]Indicator Analysis of Corruption2015, March766
6Pyali Chatterjee[Индия]All Missing Cases are Not Human Trafficking but all Human Trafficking are Missing Cases: Critical Analysis2015, March765
7Andrey A. Machenin[Россия]Multimedia, art-therapeutic and educational-integrational cyber area nonverbal of music and physics by L.S. Termen (from electro-music cyber systems «the Thermin» and «Terpsitone», to laser bean art-educational cyberarea «Opti Music» end «Reactable»)2015, June727
8Yulia Sorokina[Россия]To the Social Origin of Legal Terminology2015, June711
9Irina Chelysheva[Россия], Galina Mikhaleva[Россия]The Main Approaches to the Sociological Studies on the Material of Media Culture in the 20 years of the XXth Century in Russia and in the UK2015, June633
10Oleg Lysenko[Россия]Cinema in Student Life (Based on the Sociological Research)2015, June621

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